How to be Compliant

Get Ahead of The Game

Time is precious. And we are all so busy with our business, that we forget what is important.

Protecting our work tools. Have you noticed how precious our phone is.

And what about the internet!

What happens if tomorrow we deprive you of the ability to use your website and you get fined for being negligent.

I am very serious, your work tool is threatened. On a global level, a lot of things have evolved and it is quite possible that you have skipped these steps.

In order to help you and to put you in conformity, I invite you to make a free analysis of your website now.

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Video creation

In 2021, it is crucial to use video in all kind of marketing. You must communicate with your prospects and also your buyers.

Why you have to use video ?

To be clear, people are tired to see images after images. And to grab more attention, the alternative is video. With video creation, people get another interest on your offers or your products. And you can transform them into buyers.

And honestly, I think that you are like others sellers. Your final goal is to sell, isn’t it?

And in my point of view ! It’s important to drive customers into your sales funnels and also you must transform prospects into targeted buyers. And after their purchase, stay in touch by using a follow up.

You can keep going with email marketing; with sms marketing if you are comfortable with that or you can use your fatal weapon for them. video creations.

If, you earn an Ecommerce or a Shop, you don’t want to be left behind by your competitors.

If you have a shop in the real life, such as a saloon, a barber shop or a medical office or if you are a contractor, I invite you to make a test with videos.

Yes, I know, you think that will cost a fortune to get only one valuable video. You know what, you are thinking the wrong way ! It’s clear that you have to invest a little to get a decent video.

It is clear that you must have products that are in demand, to catapult them on videos.

You can use a lot of excuses to make sales.

You can offer Discounts weekly or whenever you want.

You can make Holidays Promos.

You can also use seasons offers.

Why not boost new products by using videos.

You can tell stories with video.

You can explode your creativity during events.

And the best of the best – You can make Social Promotions, Announcements and Birthday.

If you really want, they are a lot of excuses to make sales. Just look at the annual calendar.

Ok ! And what kind of video can I get ?

In fact, it depends on your niche and your avatar client. If you sell products on shopify for example. It’s better to make stunning short video ads. (images Products, with details and prices).

If you sell, coaching or you have a restaurant for example. It is better to use medium videos.

In fact, there are a lot of type of videos and different formats.

Short video ads for Facebook, for Youtube, for Instagram or Tiktok. Explainer Videos – Doodle Videos – Sales Videos – Product Showcase – Promos videos – Social Videos and also whiteboard videos.

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